Design Mechanism

Innovations in Human and Companion Animal Health

The Extracellular Matrix Protection Factors, or ECPFs, are therapeutic peptides designed from the natural sequence of the family of enzymes, the matrix metalloproteases (MMPs). ECPFs act as a bumper to reversibly interfere with the interaction of one matrix metalloprotease and one substrate target pairing. This technology is distinct from other MMP inhibitors in development because the ECPFs target a site distinct from the catalytic domain, or business end, of the enzyme.

The ECPFs are a patented platform technology that can be tailored to several members of the MMP family. They are locally delivered therapeutics to treat disease of extracellular matrix imbalance. The ECPFs are small, water-soluble peptides that act as reversible, non-covalent “bumper”. They have no taste, color, or odor and are inexpensive to manufacture.